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As noted in recent posts, having a comprehensive platform that knits together all the 7 core elements for learning…and healthcare…is essential for making possible all that we can envision for cloud tools in these fields. OK, maybe we are having a hard time imagining how this all would work…and maybe aggregators of various cloud and physical capabilities like Amazon, have ideas we’d like to hear…if they were sharing.

But in the meantime, we can  look to some of the apps that  are out there and available today, and imagine or even see, how they make up parts of the desired eventual platform of learning and healthcare in the cloud.

Take this example, “Lark”…which is a series of apps for various conditions people are trying to cope with, if they have already, or heal if possible by life style changes, or prevent by same. And not only is this an individual’s tool,  but it can be a tool in a social learning construct…much as WeightWatchers uses group dynamics, and a lot of data and proscriptive habits, to help people reach their health goals.

These Lark apps work in conjunction with mobile devices which have bio sensors such as iPhone, and apple watch, as well as with mobile devices without such as iPad, laptops, and last, desktops.

There’s a model here…if one looks closely, as there’s the diagnostic component in the wearable or in the pocket bio sensors, the connectivity and  software to connect personal real time data with Big Data servers in cloud space where algorithms can make very smart correlations and then suggestions for behavior or action changes.

There’s also the social context enabling positive changes, as well as “ongoing followup”… The kind of virtuous circle one would hope to see enabled for all…with constant updating and refining from all the users experiences .