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Previous post on SLC speculates about how new perceptions of “space” and of “place” are part of a move out of traditional school buildings, to learning that can happen “anywhere” there’s mobile access. And which includes “real space” in combination with “virtual space”. Needless to  say we have much to learn about such combinations, and about new “places” for learning. It can seem at times too inchoate, and too speculative or “fantasy” based…or “too far out” for rational discussion or testing.

But yet we must continue to explore, and research ,and discover what works and doesn’t work in this new perceptive reality. We know there’s experimentation ongoing, and we need to hear what has been discovered by these attempts. In the article below, there’s a lot of talk about how various approaches to being “in nature” can change and alter the sense of place, and space, for individuals. 

There’s one report of convicts in prison exercising in a space that has been modified to resemble nature, with blue walls and nature sounds, and nature videos…which is said to bring about more relaxed inmates. We know that relaxed but alert “students” learn and retain best. So how can we apply lessons about what a learning space might resemble in today’s cloud and blended environment?

We are already aware to some extent that VR can exist with hardware, and other augmented reality tools, but we are still in the earliest days of determining how to maximize such place and space tools for learning.

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