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This is one of those ad/ blog posts from a company that offers video analytics services. Presented here as a part of the 7 core elements puzzle. “Targeting” is a part of curation, and curation is a part of “the Architecture of Convergence on “Target”. That happens to be one of the PSA 7 core elements. IOW, online, one learning size rarely fits all. Instead there’s a better “size” that’s selected or targeted for a specific user in a specific group at a specific time in a specific context.

One of the groups we inhabit, which is a contra-indicator for one size fits all national online learning solutions, is our regional culture. Regional culture informs our knowledge, awareness, skills, and social aptitudes, but is couched in a language and set of culture symbols unique to a specific place.

Of course what’s also weird for those of us still anchored to just one “place”, as per the way it pretty much used to be unless you were a pilot or flight attendant or traveling salesman. Today, we are physically living in one “place” but when online, we can be part of just about any sort of grouping one can imagine…which is by itself a sort of additional “place” we are living.

This makes for a confusing set of challenges for course design, to say the least. But tons of opportunities too. Probably the whole Big Data + super algorithms will have much to say about where this all ends up.

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