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One of the 7 core elements of Defined Learning Experiences is “Applying the New Science of Learning”. Here’s one example of same. Ellliot Masie is one leading force for change, among many, in our learning innovation in US. He’s been calling for incorporating various elements of what makes various commercial forms of media impactful,  into learning video and LMS.

IOW, Mr. Masie has been pointing out the inadequacy of shovel-ware…I.E. taking lecture based classroom learning and just “capturing that with video” and uploading that for viewing. 

Here he announces he’s partnering with MIT to set up a Brain Research Lab, with the “connected” goal of analyzing what is an effective DLE from a different perspective. This is a sort of mobile lab, as it takes place at one of Masies’s Learning conferences. May a 1000 such labs, and more permanent versions, bloom!

Eventually, PSA sees all the 7 core elements coming together into one super effective online and offline blended learning experience. We’ll be watching what the above research lab discovers.

Download (PDF, 2.11MB)