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Access to this set of webinars at Training Magazine requires a $95/ yr fee, and there are beaucoup resources that one can access for free which might have superior content. OTOH, since adult learning bleeds into adult training, and since Training Magazine focuses on for-profit and enterprise employee development and professional development…, it’s worth taking a look at their perspectives.

We can see what they are talking about in general, for free. Here’s a list of their current webinar topics

How do you develop a generation of learners who may have spent more time with video games than in school? How do you leverage the new generation virtual reality devices to bring immersion, engagement, and presence to new levels? Packed with demos and case studies, this session will cover six trends that will reshape learning:

  • Virtual reality with room-scale and hand-controllers are used to develop customer empathy skills 
  • Micro-learning developed with a mobile-first approach to reinforce management skills.
  • Games and simulations accelerate mastery of sales and cyber security skills.
  • Online video stories are used to transform cultures.

Learn how serious games, simulations, video, virtual and augmented reality are poised to forever change the way people learn and organizations teach. This session will get you ready for a new era of experiential and visceral learning.