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Carnegie Mellon University and Kaltura are partnering on an “easy lecture capture” video platform. As noted previously, while this is a step forward towards actually optimized elearning using video, and might help form part of a library of video to be chopped and diced into “learning sized bites” delivered by smart AI curators in real time…it lacks, despite the hands-off hardware, the actual rich video possible today. 

Such “canned” static video captures are easily exceeded in production values by even mid level YouTube. Obviously, and people like Elliot Masie are taking notice. the emperor has few clothes on.  “This is the best we can do?” No, it isn’t. Far from it. But got to start somewhere. In the future, students will likely have access to the best professorial presenters, and/or professional presenters, in a snappy short and focused learning clip.

And maybe this program will help both Carnegie Melon and Kaltura leverage assets to “get to the promised land” someday. Before someone puts together a YouTube University…with all the greatest learning hits…and aggregates that into a ‘course of study’…with some form of digital portfolio and certification machine leading to recognition by employers as accreditation. (cost a lot less than 25K/ years tuition.)

Download (PDF, 35KB)