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Here’s a list of some of the breakouts at Eliott Masie’s “Learning 2017” upcoming in October. An indicator of what’s on the eLearning today “hot memes” list. As one can see, Eliott Masie is heavily focused on enterprise and other non-academic venues.

  • Gamification & Learning LAB: Build a Game App for Learning Outcomes
  • Agile Learning Development: Wins, Fails & Lessons Learned (Capital One, Bloomberg)
  • Amateur Videos for Engagement (Mount Sinai Health System)
  • Learning Strategy vs. Business Strategy: The Digital Connection (PwC)
  • Digital Distractions in the Workplace (30 Under 30 & Allan Myers)
  • Learning Escape Rooms LAB
  • Cyber, Terror & Emergency Disruption Readiness (Learning CONSORTIUM)
  • Using Improv Techniques to Boost Creativity in Your Team! (Garney Construction)
  • Making a MARK on Your Organization (Oath, formerly Yahoo)
  • More Variety = Improved Learning Outcomes (Herman Miller)
  • Prove It! Measuring SMARTER to Show Business Relevance (Cisco)
  • Ice-Ice-Breakers…& Other Engagement Activities! (Vertex Pharmaceuticals)
  • Two-Way Coaching: A Grassroots Way to Grow Your Employees (State Auto Insurance)