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As various school districts and state governments address school funding and equitable learning access issues, a current court case in LAUSD has required that school district to distribute more funding to poor and underserved schools there.

The Los Angeles Unified School District will pour $151 million into a group of 50 schools to settle a lawsuit over how the school system spends money intended for some of its neediest students.


The funds, to be distributed over three years, will go to schools in low-income neighborhoods, mostly in South and East Los Angeles, and will pay for such efforts as increased tutoring, mental health support, counseling, parent participation and restorative justice. The extra help is supposed to benefit three groups of students: those from low-income families, English learners and those in the foster-care system.


Districts receive extra funding from the state to benefit those students. In L.A. Unified, where most students fall into at least one of those categories, the targeted money adds up to more than $1 billion annually.


Nearly all of the students at the 50 campuses named in the settlement are in these targeted groups.

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