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Kaltura is one of the leading video platforms for educational video. They have a number of services to support video distribution and access for varying sizes of organizations, including a package for recording lectures to video previously posted here. 

Video has become a major part of education, used in classrooms around the world. The uniquely compelling nature of video, engaging multiple senses in an easy-to-understand, information-dense format, has made it wildly popular in our daily lives. Through video, we can join and share experiences around the world. We can broadcast an event live, and capture it to be watched again and again.


Video has become a major component of our personal lives as well as a huge driver in the business world. Today’s students expect to learn with the help of video, while prospective employers expect them to leave education with the video skills necessary to participate in a digital culture. So it’s no surprise that video plays a major role on campus.


Overall, institutions predict a bright future for video, citing it as effective, interactive, engaging, and collaborative. The growing need for online education and flipped/blended classrooms will continue to drive desire, while lecture capture increases in adoption through these needs as well as its own merits.


Analytics, search, and in-video quizzing all show great promise to bring even more value. As one educator at a North American institution of higher education puts it, “Video in education will become one of the leading ways of disseminating information. With the growth of online programs, video will be essential in every department of the institution.”


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