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Thanks to a clever flipped classroom dude, Joel Speranza down under in Australia, there’s now a large blackboard sized Lightboard, or Forwardboard upon which a teacher can write as in the video below. Kudos to Jim Carlton for the DIY @ $100 link.

Such “light boards” can be constructed or purchased, and it’s a new idea so AFAIK as yet no mainstream tech manufacturers is making them. But it seems very worth exploring to add production quality to flipped classrooms, especially for equations being written for the class.

Link to above construction steps…his plan is pricey even if DIY…maybe 8K. Other plans say DIY for circa $100…

Of course, there’s no auto spell check, and in the above, he misspells Joel Speranza’s name. 

 Lightboards of the World 

Tiny writeable Light Box at Amazon for $30

Found this site which will “automate” a pre-built and equipped studio. Which is a solution for nonvideo aware teachers who just want to walk in and start talking without any video knowledge or capability. Which of course has it’s limitations…but for some circumstances will be used, I’m sure…as Flipped is soon to be Uber Alles.

Comes with a PDF guide which seems pretty useful to peruse for ideas re flipped classroom video production. 
And for gluttons for punishment:

google doc costs/items spread sheet

One thing I don’t, at the moment, quite understand, is how the writing doesn’t end up “backward”…I’m sure the answer is revealed somewhere in the above links, no doubt.