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Eva Moskowitz, by far one of the most controversial charter school leaders, is profiled in Dec.11 New Yorker article below, as well as her system of charter schools in NYC called “The Success Academy”. Much food for thought about what the future of education in the USA may look like, the pros and cons of various types of charter schools, as well as the politics involved in establishing and running charter schools today. That’s not for the faint of heart in NYC and NY state political world, with national political elements as well. 

IOW, it’s not just whether Ms. Moskowitz ideas are sound, her approach valid…it’s the viability of her initiatives in an extremely polarized political climate. PSA believes that there’s a middle ground to be found between partisan extremes for creating charter school policy and law. along with other educational policies. It’s just getting harder to stand in that middle of the road place, but the rewards for moving USA education ahead are still there, and the means of achieving them continues to expand. 


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