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This story is about Microsoft and Google and Pearson and game developers such as MineCraft, and BBC and IBM and more in a loose EdTech platform merry go round. Apple isn’t mentioned, but is circling around EdTech innovation and platform evolution as well. Noted here is that movement into the next big thing, immersive AR and VR hardware and software is proceeding apace. 

Somewhere in this process, EdTech will “really take off” as a consortium of entertainment players such as above BBC and probably Disney and Netflix and Amazon…along with tech giants Apple and Microsoft and Google etc…hopefully working with ed developers such as Arizona State supports and LAUSD Charter Schools are experimenting with.

We can’t really wait for purchase managers in school systems across the country to lead this revolution, as they have basically had too many bureaucratic hurdles to overcome for decades. But that’s where the public school money is…what will the future look like, when alternatives to the present educational system have reached maturity?

Will government at the local, state, and federal levels be willing to really try something entirely new for education? Is that what it would take to fully implement all that learning can be in the 21st century? Or will there be a huge battle to evolve some combination of what the school bureaucracies want, what the teacher unions want, what the families of students want, and maybe even  what the students want…or vote for with their feet and eyeballs? 

Kudos to Gary for link.

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