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My three year old grandson will go to the schools listed in this article. The emails written by a principal and some parents in this affluent liberal neighborhoods, seems to have unintentionally created a discussion about how best to create empathy in young children.

The Emails published in this blog format are a form of “social learning construct”. Interesting how this backlash turned into a relevant conversation starter with the use of technology.  The social context is enabling change in a positive direction or not??

Reaction to the Black Lives Matter day might have been more muted had Sarah Talbot, the principal at Laurelhurst, not sent an email afterward to parents.

“I heard from a few parents concerned about what teachers weren’t saying,” Talbot wrote.

“They weren’t saying anything about lives — the lives of students, parents and families — who are not black. I worried about that too. Would our Native students feel left out, since they face the same (or worse) effects of systemic racism in schools and outside of schools that black students face? What about the majority of the students in our school who are white? They also live with the effects of a society that unfairly prioritizes their lives.

“But then I remembered that at Laurelhurst Elementary, we have a 20 percent difference in the growth of black students’ reading skills when compared to the average growth of all students at our school.”