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A MOOC from Coursera is described here, Learning how to learn. The MOOC is based on the latest in neuroscience on learning and a book called “A Mind for Numbers” written by one of the instructors, Dr. Barbara Oakley, Professor of Engineering, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Oakland University.

The commitment is about 3 hours a week, offered in about 20 languages, and a “pass” is completing all graded assignments. $49 would give you a certificate.

PSA is interested in high production values for video and this MOOC includes about 7 hours of video. Of course, I enrolled in the free version to check out the high production values and the content since the topic is relevant to a PSA project, What is Learning Today? 

Is this MOOC something Marshall McLuhan, media theorist, would applaud going beyond video in education as recording the classroom lecture?

See this blog for more ideas about how to scale up education using the MOOC to present media in a new form.